Little Things

Life has been running along quickly as of late. One of the things I love about taking pictures is that it forces me to slow down and focus in on the details of the moments I'm capturing. Last week I went outside to appreciate the late afternoon sun and snow lingering on the trees and vines.

This little vine lives in the parking lot of our apartment building. I love seeing it change through the seasons, in springtime sporting new leaves it will carry through summer until they explode in the glorious red of autumn. I loved capturing this moment of fresh snow clinging on despite the wind and tiny twisting tendrils. Currently, it has just been released from behind the crushing weight of the snowplow's snow pile. Yes, beauty can be found right alongside the mundane of life, like parking lots and snowplows, but this has been discovered a thousand times over. 

The other day my husband and I were discussing the beauty of physical life, of being in our moments rather than in our heads. I love the way this hobby makes me look, see, go, and experience things. I even, and perhaps especially, appreciate the things that don't end up on camera, like me getting a sock-full of snow while traipsing around our building taking pictures and probably scaring a neighbor or so. Nothing like melting water on your feet to ground you in the moment. I hope it is safe to say this is part of me living my best life. 

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