The day before my husband and I left to see my parents for Christmas was a full fledged snow day. The world was blanketed in white, plowed, and blanketed again. Flash forward two weeks to the present, I awoke again to a world covered in a fresh layer of snow. I delight in all the snow we get here. It's a joy to look out in the night and see a beautiful glow. It's a joy to wake up to a fresh, clean world. In many ways, it is the same love I have for the new year. 
However, we can't leave the world untouched, nor the year. There will be footprints, snow angels, icicles, bald patches, and ugly mounds of plowed snow. I think by now you know I'm talking about resolutions. I am not saying the year will not be perfect to discourage you, but rather to empower you to go into the world and make those footprints yours.

Last year I made resolutions for every month, or at least the first few and planned to keep going. Blogging those resolutions fell off by spring, and making new ones fell off by summer. This year I'm making one simple goal per month, one month at a time. This month's goal is to complete the Dedicate yoga program. I'm on day 6 and super proud of it! I know a fitness goal may seem cliche or outdated but I'm loving it. No regrets here. 

Aside from these monthly resolutions, I've made a few other lists. One thing that motivates me every year to make goals is a new planner. For the past few years these planners have been a gift from my mom. (Thanks Mom!) I put my monthly goals in here on the month page and daily checklists on the weekly pages. In the "Notes" pages in the back are a lot of my other lists.  One of these other lists is a more traditional "resolutions" list. I'll be using that as a guiding light to plan my monthly goals. 

 I'll be talking more about all my lists and plans for the year throughout the month and throughout the year. I hope you stick around for the ride. Happy New Year!

PS: Just throwing in two quick things that don't belong here but also belong nowhere else. Firstly, the comments on this blog still aren't fixed so if you'd like to comment or message me, please pop over to Instagram or Facebook.

Secondly, Nik and I put together a little video of our Christmas and New years festivities, if you'd like to check it out. Thanks! 

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